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Aeroxchange provides confidence that terms, tracking and financial settlement are transparent to both parties in an AOG transaction. Visibility of all aspects of the transaction provides confidence that an AOG inventory transaction can be satisfactory to both parties.

Visible by Proximity

AOG inventory listed on Aeroxchange can be searched by line station and also by proximity to a line station. Airline AOG desk staff can evaluate the best balance between availability and financial cost by comparing several available options at once, not just inventory at the nearest line station.

Critical Airline Mass

More than half of airline passenger revenue is represented by airlines active on Aeroxchange. The world's largest airlines use Aeroxchange to make purchases, manage repairs and respond to AOG recovery events.

All Options on the Table

Airline AOG desk staff see borrow, exchange and purchase options for component replacement in one view. Suppliers with inventory for purchase can be considered alongside all other options, and may offer the most responsive and cost effective option in many cases. The airline can consider purchase along with borrow and exchanges.

Documents Flow with the Component

Aeroxchange has document attachment capability so part/component documentation is tracked along with transaction information. Part tags and bar codes are part of the transaction flow and are available when needed.

About Aeroxchange

Aeroxchange is the only electronic business network serving the aviation MRO industry. Founded in 2000, Aeroxchange has grown to serve aviation leaders including major airlines, MRO providers, airframe manufacturers, OEMs, part and component suppliers and repair service providers around the world.
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