Find a Part or Repair Seller

Find a Part or Repair Seller

On Aeroxchange the whole world is open to buyers seeking parts or repair capabilities.

New, Used and Refurbished

Over 30 Million parts are listed in suppler catalogs on Aeroxchange, and over 2.8 million component repair capabilities are presented. Aeroxchange makes it easy for suppliers to to keep inventory listings up to date, so buyers are assured of real products on the shelf when they make a request.

Search easily

On Aeroxchange you can search by manufacturer's part numbers, interchangeable and alternate part numbers, by description or wildcard, and you can search up to 500 part numbers in one operation.

Buyer-targeted Sourcing

Aeroxchange displays offers and listings from approved vendors first, specific to the buying organization. Buyer-specific pricing is also displayed. Suppliers may maintain both a general catalogue and multiple buyer-specific catalogues with appropriate pricing and availability terms.

Visible where it's needed

Buyer-specific catalogues can be made available from Aeroxchange directly to the buyer's ERP system. Inventory and pricing is therefore made available for planning and ordering within the context of overall requirements.

Real-time updates

Supplier catalogs and inventory listings can be easily uploaded to Aeroxchange, providing up-to-date information to buyers. Aeroxchange can also establish real-time electronic links to supplier's systems to reflect up-to-the-second inventory and pricing.

AOG Inventory Made Visible

Aeroxchange provides comprehensive Aircraft-on-Ground (AOG) recovery services to help locate components needed for urgent repairs. Inventory can be located by line station at over 500 global locations.

For more information, Expedite AOG Services

Loans, Borrows and Exchanges

Sometimes finding a part means drawing on an inventory pool created under prior arrangement with business partners. Aeroxchange offers a comprehensive tracking facility for locating inventory and initiating a borrow or exchange transaction, then following it through to resolution.

For more information, Loan, Borrow or Exchange Parts

Broadcast to the World

Aeroxchange offers a IATA broadcast service as part of our AOG product offering. When listed inventory is not available, the IATA broadcast opens a new tier of possible sources.

Most Comprehensive Sourcing

Aeroxchange provides the most comprehensive inventory discovery services that covers all aspects of MRO in the aviation industry. Purchase, borrow or exchange materials from sources all over the world, locate repair capabilities and draw on AOG inventory.   

Getting Started

Getting started on Aeroxchange couldn't be easier:  you need only a web browser and access to the internet.  Aeroxchange has service packages that include levels of functionality that can grow with your requirements. 

More Information

Aeroxchange Connect Options

Connecting with Aeroxchange is easy.  A web browser is all that is needed to start, and full EDI integration from Aeroxchange to back-end systems is available.  Some partners may request interaction by email only.  

More Information

About Aeroxchange

Aeroxchange is the only electronic business network serving the aviation MRO industry. Founded in 2000, Aeroxchange has grown to serve aviation leaders including major airlines, MRO providers, airframe manufacturers, OEMs, part and component suppliers and repair service providers around the world.
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