Track Requests, Orders & Invoices

Track Requests, Orders & Invoices

Aeroxchange provides time stamping and tracking of the document and message flow between buyers and sellers. Quotations, Orders, Acknowledgements, Status Updates, Shipment Notices and Invoices are all visible in one place, including change orders and tracking of complex part movements associated with repairs and pool exchanges.

Full Order Lifecycle Management

A full MRO business process lifecycle begins with the identification of a source and ends with the receipt and processing of an invoice. Accuracy and timeliness of information is of the greatest importance throughout the lifecycle of the order. Aeroxchange provides a continuous view of message and material flows through a single dashboard, and provides coherent electronic messaging directly to the buyer's back office systems when enabled. Accurate and timely information enables better decision making and lowers the costs associated with information errors and delays.

Global Visibility

With thousands of suppliers already on board, Aeroxchange provides a comprehensive view of activity across the supplier base. Suppliers not already connected can be reached from Aeroxchange by automated SmartMail, assuring reach to 100% of your supplier network. The buyer maintains a single global view of supplier activity regardless of how the supplier is connected to Aeroxchange.

One View of the Truth

Documents and messages between buyers and sellers are time stamped as they transit the secure and neutral Aeroxchange platform. Buyers and sellers share a single view of events and activity throughout the order lifecycle. This shared view eliminates finger pointing and repudiation. A shared view also helps participants resolve problems based on a factual, shared understanding of a supply bottleneck.

Supplier Management

Supplier performance is more visible and measurable than ever before. Detailed information on the sequence of steps across the order lifecycle is available through the order management dashboard and through the reporting capabilities of Aeroxchange. Comprehensive visibility of supplier performance is available to the bilateral parties in each transaction, but never shared with others.

Getting Started

Getting started on Aeroxchange couldn't be easier:  you need only a web browser and access to the internet.  Aeroxchange has service packages that include levels of functionality that can grow with your requirements. 

More Information

Aeroxchange Connect Options

Connecting with Aeroxchange is easy.  A web browser is all that is needed to start, and full EDI integration from Aeroxchange to back-end systems is available.  Some partners may request interaction by email only.  

More Information

About Aeroxchange

Aeroxchange is the only electronic business network serving the aviation MRO industry. Founded in 2000, Aeroxchange has grown to serve aviation leaders including major airlines, MRO providers, airframe manufacturers, OEMs, part and component suppliers and repair service providers around the world.
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