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ERP Integration Services

Line of Business Systems Support

Aeroxchange has extensive experience integrating directly with line-of-business systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, along with order management and other back office systems.

Seller Catalogue Upload

Timeliness of inventory information is of high value to all participants on Aeroxchange. The platform has easy-to-use facilities for flat-file upload of catalogue data, and well as a capability to draw electronic real-time updates from a seller's catalogue system directly to the Aeroxchange platform.

Seller Catalogue Download

As a neutral system-of-record with high-quality supplier inventory information, Aeroxchange can produce up-to-the-minute snapshots for ingestion by a buyer's ERP system. This mechanism provides highly accurate information for planning within the context of the ERP environment.

Transaction information

Legacy EDI messages such as Purchase Orders, Ship Notices, and other bi-directional transactional documents can be directly consumed and emitted through the Aeroxchange platform to and from an ERP or other line-of-business system.

Aeroxchange has extended legacy EDI to embrace additional business processes specific to the aviation industry, and enriched EDI messaging to embrace additional functional requirements. Electronic messaging of any format or any standard can be supported. Aeroxchange has removed much of the infrastructure burden entailed with electronic messaging to make it easy for any business to participate.

For more information, EDI Services

A Tailored Approach

Integration Services from Aeroxchange are tailored to the functional requirements and systems infrastructure already in place. Aeroxchange Professional Services will study and propose a tailored solution to meet your specific requirements.

About Aeroxchange

Aeroxchange is the only electronic business network serving the aviation MRO industry. Founded in 2000, Aeroxchange has grown to serve aviation leaders including major airlines, MRO providers, airframe manufacturers, OEMs, part and component suppliers and repair service providers around the world.
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