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AeroBuy® is a complete catalogue based technical procurement system that increases efficiency by automating key business processes and providing full transparency to the entire purchase order lifecycle. AeroBuy® meets the unique needs of Buyers and Sellers with value added solutions. 

Buyers achieve real savings with improved market research of guaranteed sources of supply, including OEM’s, Distributors, Surplus Providers and PMA Sellers. Buyers can Find a Part, Request Quotes and then Track Request, Orders & Invoices. Aeroxchange also offers an accelerated path to Seller enablement with B2B Services for Buyers. For more information on AeroBuy® for Buyers, please click AeroBuy Buyer to download the datasheet.

Sellers create sales channel efficiencies by streamlining the order process and advertising current inventory to Aeroxchange’s vast global buyer community. Sellers can List & Manage Catalogues, Discover & Respond to RFQs and Track Orders & Invoices. Aeroxchange provides an easy EDI on-ramp with B2B Services for Sellers. For more information on AeroBuy® for Sellers, please click AeroBuy Seller to download the datasheet. 

AeroCompass is a catalogue based procurement system designed for the trading of Complex Assets such as engines, APUs and landing gears.  With AeroCompass, sellers and buyers can easily find each other using efficient market-making algorithms and alerting appliances. AeroCompass manages Engine documentation with a fully collaborative assessment process. The document collaboration system in AeroCompass allows buyers to quickly understand the pedigree and provenance of the engine, enabling accurate valuations, reduced inventory induction lead times and fast turnover.

AeroConsignment platform enables optimal management of consignment stock programs where the transfer of title occurs upon consumption events. AeroConsignment connects multiple trading partners with high levels of inventory transparency, allowing clear understanding of inventory levels by location and tracking consumption patterns to simplify stock management and improve service levels. AeroConsignment provides full B2B collaboration using real time machine-to-machine and browser-based connections, automating the entire process.

The AeroVMI platform enables optimal vendor management of a customer’s consumables and expendables inventory. AeroVMI allows the vendor to help optimize the replenishment process by providing configurable usage thresholds to determine when replenishment is needed.  When a stock level reaches a minimum amount established by the vendor, AeroVMI manages the message flow to orchestrate the fulfillment process. AeroVMI provides full B2B collaboration using real time machine-to-machine and browser-based connections, allowing the vendor to manage the inventory strategy.

Together, AeroConsignment and AeroVMI provide opportunities for trade partners to optimize the replenishment process, reduce, if not eliminate, process variation, decrease cycle times and improve service levels.


About Aeroxchange

Aeroxchange is the only electronic business network serving the aviation MRO industry. Founded in 2000, Aeroxchange has grown to serve aviation leaders including major airlines, MRO providers, airframe manufacturers, OEMs, part and component suppliers and repair service providers around the world.
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