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Aeroxchange got into the spirit with treats to eat and a contest for Best Costumes and Best Cubicle.  We had 8 participants in this year's contest!  From left to right - Javier Vela, Brandi King, Al Koszrek (as Al Koszarek)  Danielle Chapman, Salina Perez, Connie Duarte, Shelli Burke and George Leithner.

All Participants


First Place Winner went to Danielle Chapman, Director of Seller Enablement, who was are Social Butterfly for the festivities!

First Place Winner

Second Place Winner went to Brandi King, the Black Widow, who is our Customer Service Specialist.  Brandi also won Best Cubicle.  Enter if you dare!

Best Cubicle and 2nd Place Winner    Best Cubicle

We wrapped up the Third Place Winner with Salina Perez, as the Mummy.  When Salina is not wrapped up, she leads Content Team Management.   

Third Place Winner

Aeroxchange® hit a new milestone by executing over 100,000 purchase orders in a single month through our AeroBuy® solution. Aeroxchange® also processed more than 225,00 eRFQs in that same month.  This means more and more airlines are utilizing the system to send purchase orders to suppliers. And it doesn't stop there because Aeroxchange® is also processing more buyer/seller changes, shipment notifications and invoices.  

Why is this worth celebrating?  Because this is the heart of what Aeroxchange® represents.  Aeroxchange® is the place buyers go to buy parts from sellers who list their invnetory.  Reaching this milestone shows that we are making a difference by bringing real value to the members of our MRO business network.  

Good Job Aeroxchange!

The 2016 Aeroxchange Best in Class Award is an award that recognizes the exceptional efforts of our members to drive initiatives that transform partnerships and support innovative business models.  These recipients represent the members that have aligned with Aeroxchange and their trading partners to drive efficiency across MRO business processes.



  • AeroRepair® Supplier Best in Class
  • AeroBuy® Supplier Best in Class
  • AeroRepair® Operator Best in Class
  • AeroBuy® Operator Best in Class


Winners of the AeroRepair® and AeroBuy® Supplier Best in Class awards will be selected based on their commitment to support paperless management of repair and purchase order processes.  These suppliers are leading the charge in progressive thinking by making technology a part of their ongoing strategy to exceed customer expectations. Nominees will be determined based on the level of compliance in managing key transactions. 

Winners of the AeroRepair® and AeroBuy® Operator Best in Class award will be selected based on innovation in supplier on-boarding initiatives and utilization of the Aeroxchange system.  These operators have taken on the challenge of driving transformational change within their organizations and succeeded in implementing paperless order management.  Nominees will be determined based on the level of efficiency that is being attained through the system.  

Aeroxchange would like to welcome our newest sponsor, Aero-Craft Hydraulics, Inc.  Aero-Craft Hydraulics is a long standing attendee of the Aeroxchange Conference.  This year, they have elected to Sponsor Wednesday's Conference Breaks.  

Aero-Craft Hydraulics, Inc. is one of the most reputable full service FAA and EASA Repair Stations in the industry, which specializes in the repair and overhaul of Inline Series Pumps, Main Engine Pumps, Bent Axis Motors, Electrical Motorpumps, Actuators, Valves, Reservoirs, and AC Electrical Stator Winding. Our 50+ Years of Experience on Hydraulic Aircraft Components makes us experts in the field serving the Airline Component Industry in ATA Chapters 25, 27, 28, 29, 32, 36, 52 and 73. To learn more, please visit Aero-Craft Hydraulics.

For more information on the conference that takes place March 3rd - March 5th at the Hyatt Regency La Jolla, San Diego, please visit 2015 Aeroxchange Annual Conference.

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